Keep Gatley Junction Moving


As everyone is aware one of the objectives behind the SEMMMs A555 project was to reduce traffic levels on the A34 corridor.


A key problem spot on the A34 is the Gatley Junction of Kingsway, which is the fifth busiest junction in Greater Manchester. There is what seems to be a permanent traffic jam at the junction which causes both residents and motorists a great amount of frustration. Recently insurance company E-sure discovered that the junction was the sixth worst in the country for red light jumping which endangers the safety of other road users.


I am also especially concerned that if the planned proposals for housing developments in Heald Green and Handforth go ahead they will add further to the traffic burden at Gatley Junction.


That is why in May I raised the importance of an effective junction with the Prime Minister at PMQs and in June I held meetings with Tony Lloyd, the Interim Mayor of Greater Manchester and the Interim Transport Strategy Director from Transport for Greater Manchester, to get their reassurance that a radical solution will be found. In addition to this, I also secured a Westminster Hall debate seeking reassurance from the Government that they are committed to underwriting the Northern Powerhouse by encouraging investment in our transport infrastructure.


In this debate I sought assurances from the Minister that current and future programmes would continue to be funded particularly highlighting the importance smaller local projects in light of the referendum decision.


This is undoubtedly an exciting time for the Greater Manchester region and now more than ever our attention is turning to the North, and power is moving from Whitehall to local communities as a result of our devolution process. For my part, I look forward to the prosperity I know that will bring to my constituents, Manchester and the north.



Cheadle MP pushes for radical solution to A34 traffic jams

 It’s a traffic blackspot which commuters in South Manchester are all too familiar with. But improvements to the notorious junction at Gatley Road on the A34 are now a step closer after the Cheadle MP, Mary Robinson, secured a commitment from Greater Manchester’s Interim Mayor to help make it a priority for the region. During a recent meeting with Tony Lloyd, together with representatives from Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM), Mary pressed for a radical solution to the frustration that drivers experience along this stretch of road. 

Cheadle MP Raises Problem Junction in PMQs

On Wednesday, Cheadle MP Mary Robinson raised the ongoing traffic chaos on A34 with the Prime Minister in PMQs. The A34/A560 junction in Cheadle and Gatley is notorious among local residents as a traffic blackspot and is one of the five busiest junctions in the area.