Environmental Law After Brexit

The Government has made repeatedly clear that all EU legislation, including environmental protections, will be converted into UK law at the point of the UK's departure from the EU as this will provide continuity and certainty for individuals in the UK and in the EU. Parliament has the power to amend or repeal any laws that it wishes and it will, of course, be able to modify retained EU law in the future. 
I also believe that environmental principles must continue to underpin policy as they do now. A proposed consultation will include a new policy statement setting out the principles that will guide the Government in the future and there will, of course, be important questions to answer such as how the policy statement will be included in new policy making.
Although the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice will end, the Government will ensure that strong and effective governance arrangements are in place after the UK's exit from the EU. There are firm plans in place to consult on a new independent body that will hold the Government to account and ensure that environmental standards are upheld. No decisions have yet been taken on the UK's future relationship with EU agencies including with the European Environment Agency and so this continues to be a matter for the negotiations.