In The Local Press

A selection of articles highlighting Mary's activities in the constituency and in Parliament.


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25-07-18 Carry on good work and empower next generation.pdf 233.42 KB
27-06-18 Big thank you for volunteers.pdf 492.71 KB
27-06-18 Milestone for NHS is a good time to reflect on its future.pdf 249.75 KB
27-06-18 MP joins bid to make upskirting a crime.pdf 416.89 KB
20-06-18 VIPs get a tour of new school building site.pdf 321.76 KB
13-06-18 MP backs medal call for heroes.pdf 245.74 KB
06-06-18 Thousands turned out for Paws and Play in the Park.pdf 604.53 KB
30-05-18 A better energy deal for Stockport.pdf 234.06 KB
02-05-18 Use your hard-won vote at local elections.pdf 258.83 KB
25-04-18 Apartment site is visited by MP.pdf 397.7 KB
04-04-18 Banging the drum for investment.pdf 231.42 KB
14-03-18 More people should make use of service.pdf 395.1 KB
07-03-18 Visit pharmacy as first port of call.pdf 234.59 KB
07-02-18 Backing small businesses is vital.pdf 237.41 KB
10-01-18 There is much to be excited about in 2018.pdf 183.78 KB
29-11-17 Mosque first with living wage.pdf 256.62 KB
15-11-17 Government boost supported housing.pdf 197.48 KB
15-11-17 Pupils old and new join school service.pdf 295.18 KB
01-11-17 MP urges those at risk to get the flu jab.pdf 384.4 KB
18-10-17 Housebuilding is an absolute priority.pdf 233.34 KB
30-08-17 MP joins in Playday fun at the park.pdf 573.81 KB
30-08-17 New lottery cash is for WW1 work.pdf 226.96 KB
30-08-17 MP visits young people in community group.pdf 347.57 KB
23-08-17 Unemployment is lowest since 1975.pdf 224.06 KB
16-08-17 Park playday was a big hit.pdf 247.7 KB
16-08-17 MP backs NHS plan.pdf 161.97 KB
09-08-17 MP backs plans for leasehold reforms.pdf 364.95 KB
26-07-17 Significant increase in school funding.pdf 224.47 KB
26-07-17 Tea party was enjoyed by 300.pdf 341.45 KB