Bramhall Art Society's 50th Annual Exhibition

I recently visited a preview evening for Bramhall Art Society’s 50th annual exhibition to see the fantastic works of art on display by local artists.

Over the weekend over 800 people visited the three day exhibition, a big increase on the already impressive 600 people who attended last year. Alongside the exhibition was a tea/coffee shop raising funds for St Ann’s Hospice in Heald Green, which surpassed the amount it raised last year with £580 going towards this great cause.

The Art Society, Chaired by Pam Malabon, meets every Wednesday at the Village Club in Bramhall. There are no teachers, and all members paint from scratch using their own tried and tested methods.

Prizes for the exhibition were sponsored by Bramhall-based Cheshire Art Gallery, whose owner Matt Leech chose four standout paintings to award prizes to. I presented prizes to David Steeden for his painting ‘The Golden Ramp’, Yvonne Williams for ‘Bramhall Village’, Clare Hirsch for ‘Golden Sunset over Bamborough’, and Judith Donaghy for ‘Within Sight of the Sea’.

It was an honour to attend and to present the prizes. Holding this event for 50 years is no small feat and shows just how much of a role the Art Society plays in the culture of Bramhall. As is always the case there was fantastic local support from the community.

Local artists once again produced wonderful works of art, and it’s great to see people have this forum to display their talents.