Dementia Awareness Week

This Dementia Awareness Week, I am encouraging residents in Cheadle to join me in supporting the Alzheimer’s Society’s #UnitingAgainstDementia, to improve awareness and take action by getting involved in becoming one of a growing network of Dementia Friends.

‘Fair Play’ to Water Companies

I am delighted at news of a victory for North West schools, who were faced with inflated water rates due to bills relating to the run-off of water from their playgrounds.

Improving Mental Healthcare

For too long mental illness has been a hidden injustice in our country and dangerously stigmatised.

Asking the Prime Minister for Assurances on Protecting our Green Belt

Yesterday I pressed the Prime Minister, in the final Prime Minister's Questions before Parliament dissolves for the General Election, for further assurances that the government will prioritise building on brownfield sites and protect our green belt, continuing my campaign against the threat from

My Big Transport Survey

Today in Prime Minister's Questions, I highlighted the need for continued investment in transport and infrastructure in Cheadle, I also announced that I had launched my transport survey.

Backing the Bus Bill to Improve Services

I am pleased to have backed a bill which has the potential to transform bus services across the region.

The Bus Services Bill, debated by MPs recently, is designed to give local authorities greater powers to manage bus services, enabling them to lower fares and improve services.