Saudi Arabia

I entirely share concerns regarding the crisis in Yemen and the plight of the Yemini people who are caught up in this appalling conflict and I can assure you that the Government fully recognises the severity of the unfolding humanitarian crisis. Indeed, the UK is leading the global response to this crisis in Yemen, as the third largest humanitarian donor to the country and the £205 million of UK funding will provide enough food for 3.4 million people for at least a month.
Regarding the UK's diplomatic efforts, the Government has taken the lead in lobbying across the international community for urgent and unobstructed access for humanitarian assistance into Yemen and the Government continues to call for the modalities for a ceasefire to be agreed. You may be interested to know that the UK proposed and co-ordinated the UN Security Council Presidential Statement earlier this year, which repeated the call for unhindered humanitarian access.
The UK also continues to work hard in order to achieve stability in the region. The Houthi insurgency overthrew a legitimate, United Nations backed Government in Yemen. The insurgency has cruelly executed a number of people including the former President of Yemen and prevented humanitarian aid reaching those most in need. The legitimate Government of Yemen requested the support of its neighbours and allies, including the UK and Saudi Arabia, to help tackle the rebel insurgency.
With regards to the recent UK visit of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman from Saudi Arabia, it is important that the Government continues working with Saudi Arabia to address regional and international issues, including addressing the need for a political resolution to the conflict in Yemen. The UK must engage with Saudi Arabia in order to encourage change. You may be interested to know during a visit to Saudi Arabia at the end of last year, the Prime Minister made clear to the Crown Prince that the port of Hodeidah needed to be reopened for humanitarian and commercial supplies. Saudi Arabia then reopened the port, which I believe shows the value and importance of engagement.
I also believe the Crown Prince's social and economic reform programme, Vision 2030, which embraces a more inclusive and tolerant Saudi society, provides a clear incentive for the UK to engage with the Government of Saudi Arabia. His recent visit will enable him to outline this vision, alongside providing an opportunity to discuss the means through which the UK and Saudi Arabia can address the humanitarian crisis in Yemen.