Asylum seeker accommodation

I understand that you have concerns regarding the conditions of some of these facilities. The Government has a statutory duty to ensure decent, safe, and humane conditions for asylum seekers, and it takes this duty very seriously. The Home Office is required by law to provide asylum seekers who would otherwise be destitute with accommodation, paid for by the taxpayer.


During the pandemic, the number of people within the asylum system has risen, as the Government has temporarily ceased ending asylum support for those whose claims have been granted or refused. This was necessary to help stop the spread of coronavirus. It has therefore been necessary for the Government to act quickly to source contingency accommodation to create additional capacity and ensure obligations are met in full.


I have been reassured that those accommodated at these sites have access to appropriate medical care and have access to the 24/7 Migrant Help helpline to raise any issues. These sites are safe, warm, and secure, with three nutritious meals served every day. Nonetheless, I will continue to monitor the situation closely, to ensure that the Government is meeting its obligations to the most vulnerable people amid the unprecedented domestic challenges caused by the pandemic.