My Plan

  • Championing Charities and Community groups

    I have been proud to attend many events held by our neighbourhood groups who strive so hard to improve our communities, and to support some of the brilliant local charities who are based in Cheadle.

  • A Better Deal for Schools

    My vision for education in Cheadle is for all of our schools to be rated as good or outstanding.In Parliament I have spoken out in favour of fairer funding for our local schools here in Cheadle Constituency, which currently get less money per student than the national average and in support of more of our students taking up STEM subjects.

  • Effective Local Policing

    I will continue to do all I can to support the Police and our communities which they work so hard to protect.

  • Investing in Roads and Railways

    Local roads and paths are essential to keep Cheadle moving, so investing in these is a key part of my plan for our area.The Conservative Government is taking action to improve our roads by allocating £1.6bn of funding to Local Authorities to maintain the highways until 2021. This includes an additional £250m pot to tackle problem potholes.

  • Protecting Green Spaces

    I am exceptionally proud of our countryside here in Cheadle, and I am determined to do my best to protect our greenbelt from inappropriate developments.