British Airways Jobs

Because of our close proximity to Manchester Airport, this is something that is of particular importance to me. A number of constituents have been in touch expressing concern over potential job losses with the airline - many of whom have told me of their own distressing situations. With all the Government support given to businesses, employers and employees, it is especially disappointing that British airways have decided to act in this manner at this time.

I have taken a number of actions on of behalf of you and my other constituents:

  1. I have signed in support of an application for a back bench debate on this matter and encouraged other colleagues to do so, at the time of writing over 100 MPs have supported this debate and we are requesting for it to be given Government time.
  2. I have written to Willie Walsh, CEO of IAG, asking that he engages with Government and removes the ‘fire and re-hire’ from the Section 188 notices and re-examines any restructuring plans and minimises uncertainty with staff as much as possible.
  3. I have written to Grant Shapps, Secretary of State for Transport.
  4. I have spoken with the Mayor of Greater Manchester and the CEO of Manchester Airport to discuss the current situation facing the aviation industry and its impact upon thousands of jobs across the Greater Manchester economy. I also raised this with the Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, this week.

Although the current position is that BA intends to go ahead with these redundancy notices, I will continue to work to find a better outcome for my constituents and the employees of BA.