A Better Deal for Schools

My vision for education in Cheadle is for all of our schools to be rated as good or outstanding.

  • In Parliament I have spoken out in favour of fairer funding for our local schools here in Cheadle Constituency, which currently get less money per student than the national average.
  • I support of more of our students taking up STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) subjects, which are vital to our young people accessing the highly paid and inspiring careers which will support the nation's future prosperity. It is great to see local schools doing there bit to encourage development of these subjects so I was delighted to visit Cheadle Hulme High School's Maths Hub and visit Kingsway High School to speak with their student ambassadors.
  • I have held meetings with Ministers regarding the National Funding Formula, and Surface Water Rates, to press for a better deal for Stockport’s schools.
  • I met with the Secretary of State for Education to discuss the benefits of increased investment to schools in Cheadle. The Government has made clear that no school will lose any funding as a result of the new funding formula.
  • It’s important that every penny in the education budget which can go directly to the front line does so, and I was delighted to get the news that a long standing unfairness is to be addressed. Year after year, North West schools have been paying excessive amounts for surface waste water rates compared to schools elsewhere in the country. This charge, which is mainly based on the size of the school’s playground and relates to the run-off of water into public drains, meant that North West schools were charged £27million, in contrast to schools in the South East which were charged £11million. After campaigning on this issue, raising it with the Prime Minister and pressing United Utilities for change, I was pleased to hear from United Utilities that a new, lower discretionary rate will be introduced from 2018, which will see money flow back to schools across the North West.
  • Careers development is also an essential part of education, opening a student's eyes to jobs they may never have considered. That is why I am delighted to offer local GCSE and A-level students the opportunity to undertake work experience in my office over the summer holidays.