Fur trade

I am proud that the United Kingdom has some of the highest animal welfare standards in the world. Following the end of the Brexit transition period, all regulations guaranteeing our current standard of animal welfare have been incorporated into UK law.


In addition to banning fur farming, the Government tightly regulates the import of fur products into this country. It is illegal to import furs or fur products derived from cats or dogs, or seal products from commercial hunts; and the fur or skin of endangered animals and fish cannot be imported without a valid permit.


Strict rules are also in place to ensure that animals kept for fur production are kept, trapped and slaughtered humanely. It is prohibited to import furs or fur products from thirteen wild animal species originating in countries where they are caught in the wild by leg-hold traps, or by any trapping methods that do not meet international standards for humane trapping.


The Government believes that advocating for higher animal welfare standards worldwide is the best way of ending cruel and inhumane fur farming and trapping practices. Now the Brexit transition period is over, we have retaken our seat at international bodies like the World Organisation for Animal Health and CITES, allowing us to use these forums to push more effectively for improved animal welfare standards internationally.