Heat Pumps

I understand the concern that bigger heat pump schemes will become ineligible for a grant. Heating is one of the hardest things to decarbonise, and heat pumps will be crucial to achieving net zero by 2050.


While the Government intends to restrict a specific grant to smaller projects, as they can struggle with the initial outlay associated with installing a heat pump, you may be interested to know that there are two major new schemes for larger heat pump projects.


A new £270 million Green Heat Network Fund will fund large heat pumps, solar thermal installations and waste-heat recovery in heat networks. I understand that the heat pump sector will be invited to give its view on how this fund can best operate.


Moreover, in July, £1 billion of funding was committed to a new Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme to upgrade public sector buildings, including schools and hospitals. I hope to see heat pumps playing a big part in this. Park-based heat pump schemes have the potential to reduce carbon emissions and generate revenue.


I am pleased that officials have met with representatives of the 'Pump it Up' campaign, in which there was a discussion of the market for large heat pump projects. I understand that a Heat and Buildings Strategy will be published in the near future, and this will set out future actions that can be taken to reduce emissions from buildings.