Minimum Tenancies

I believe landlords play a vital role in providing homes to millions of people across the country and I understand the concerns that some may have regarding proposed changes to minimum tenancies.
Longer tenancies help landlords by reducing the time their properties are vacant, as well avoiding the need for more frequent payment of agency fees for renewing a tenancy. Moreover, with many tenants on short-term contracts, longer tenancy agreements will help to provide certainty and stability for renters. That is why I welcome the proposals to introduce three-year minimum tenancies.
A public consultation was launched over the summer to consider how barriers to landlords offering longer tenancies can be overcome. One of the range of options proposed is the introduction of a minimum three-year tenancy term, with a six-month break clause. This will help renters to put down roots, as well as giving landlords longer term financial security.
Under the proposed longer term agreement, tenants would be able to leave the property before the end of the minimum term, but would have greater protection if they wanted to stay in the property for an extended period of time. Landlords would also continue to be able to recover possession of their property on reasonable grounds under the new proposed arrangements. 
Exemptions for a minimum tenancy could, of course, be put in place for accommodation that may not realistically last three years such as student accommodation and short-term lets and these are being considered as part of the consultation.