Challenging Fundraising Fees in Parliament

On Tuesday 28th November, I led a debate in Westminster Hall on charitable giving and fundraising websites which have made, and continue to make, a great contribution to the charity sector in the UK.

The debate was held on Giving Tuesday, an initiative which celebrates the different ways in which people support charities. Online fundraising is one of the most popular ways to donate, and the key reason for calling this debate was to promote transparency and fairness in this growing sector.

I applied for the debate after meeting Kieron James, founder of, a Manchester-based fundraising website which makes sure that every penny goes towards the causes and charities people are raising money for.

Online fundraising websites have made it easier than ever to donate to a cause. I applied for a debate on this subject because I believe transparency across the board when it comes to fees can only serve to strengthen this increasingly popular method of fundraising, and get even more people giving with confidence.

Kieron said: "I am pleased that Mary was successful in having this issue heard in Parliament as transparency in this area is so important. Every year, wonderful people are giving time and money to support causes closes to their hearts, and it is paramount that every penny reaches the charities - including Gift Aid. People shouldn’t need to be shocked to find out that what they raised doesn’t all go to the charity and that they pay for the service through donations. Corporate sponsorship is not new and for’s partners the impact is positive and philanthropic.”