Cheadle Mosque’s Living Wage milestone

It was great to visit Cheadle Mosque today to congratulate them on becoming the first Mosque in the UK to go Living Wage UK accredited.

The Living Wage Foundation, an initiative run by Citizens UK, calculates the real living wage to be £8.75 an hour, and offers accreditation to organisations who pay all of their staff and on-site contractors at this rate or more. As a result of becoming Living Wage UK accredited, Cheadle Mosque can now proudly display the Living Wage employer mark, and appears on the Living Wage Foundation’s employer map.

Umar Aziz, a trustee of Cheadle Mosque said: “We are honoured to join The Real Living Wage Movement. In keeping with our core beliefs and values, we believe those that work for us should be rewarded fairly - a hard day's work deserves an honest wage.”

It’s good to see Cheadle Mosque achieve yet another milestone. In addition to being a great example of a local organisation which reaches out to the whole community, by going Living Wage UK accredited they’ve shown their commitment to fairness.

The Living Wage Foundation does great work in raising awareness of the importance of a fair pay packet for all. It’s a win-win situation for businesses and organisations in Stockport where employees get a good pay packet and employers see their reputation enhanced.