Conservatives driving plans for new road

As part of a whistle-stop tour of the North West, Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin MP visited the Cheadle area last Friday to see the site of a new road that would ease congestion for local residents and improve access to Manchester Airport.

The proposed Relief Road, costed at £290m, will connect the A6 at Hazel Grove with the existing stretch of the A555 through Cheadle to Manchester Airport.

Mr McLoughin described the new road as “an important road and a huge investment in the area,” when he visited part of the route with Mary.

If approved, the Department of Transport has pledged the majority of funding for the project.

“I am delighted that Patrick agreed to come to see the proposed site,” says Mary. “This is a vital piece of infrastructure that will help ease congestion on our local roads, and it is this Conservative-led Government that has ensured the funding is in place."