“Holiday at Home” in Bramhall

For many people, Summer is a chance to pack your bags and get away from it all for a few days. However, some people simply don’t have the chance or the opportunity to take a Summer holiday, so recently guests at Bramhall United Reform Church enjoyed a “holiday at home”, organised by Churches Together in Bramhall and Woodford.

“Holiday at Home” is an initiative which gives senior citizens who would not otherwise have a holiday the chance to experience all the fun and games involved in going away for a summer break. The event takes place over three days and caters for people in the community who don’t often get to go out, or who perhaps live alone. During the three days, residents get to socialise and share the fun experience of a summer holiday.

The event held by Churches Together in Bramhall and Woodford, organised by Dave Langton, has been running for nearly a decade, and caters for around 85 people over the course of the three days. Guests were joined by the Mayor of Stockport Cllr Linda Holt, and enjoyed bingo, flower arranging, drawing and memory games, as well as a performance of some classic hits from popular local singer Alan Burton. The day was topped off with everyone having the chance to chat about the day’s events over some tea and cake.

It was wonderful to see so many people having a great time enjoying a ‘holiday at home’. Events like this play such an important role in tackling loneliness and fostering community spirit, and it’s brilliant to see how this event has gone from strength to strength over the years.