Statement on Bramhall High School Ofsted Report

I most recently met Bramhall High's Headteacher Lynne Fox in Parliament, after she received a Silver Pearson Award for Headteacher of the Year in a secondary school, and I know from my experience working with her over the years why she has been deservedly recognised as a national leader in the education sector.

It is evident from contact I have had from people in Bramhall that the school has made significant progress since its last inspection. Parents know this best, having seen first-hand the improvement in their childrens' education.

Therefore I shared the dismay of parents and teachers when I read the outcome of Bramhall High's most recent Ofsted report.

Looking at progress Bramhall High has made over the past few years, at no ability level is the education provided below average, and across key subjects students are progressing above average. In my view this improvement at Bramhall High is not adequately recognised by the report.

We all want schools to be tested rigorously by Ofsted, but for the process to have integrity it must be seen as fair by parents and teachers. Unfortunately in this instance for Bramhall High, this is not the case.

I fully understand the concerns raised by parents and teachers and I have spoken with the Headteacher Lynne Fox to determine how I can further support the school. I will be writing to Ofsted regarding concerns over this rating and I encourage all parents to make their views clear too if they have not already done so.