Pakistan Human Rights

Thank you for contacting me about human rights in Pakistan.

I share your concerns about the situation in Pakistan and know that my ministerial colleagues at the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) do too. Indeed, it is for reasons such as those you describe why Pakistan is one of 31 human rights priority countries for the UK.

That said, the change in Government in-country is a domestic matter for Pakistan. HM Government respects Pakistan's democratic system and does not interfere in its internal political affairs. Ministers are clear, however, that the UK will continue to work with the Government of Pakistan to advance our shared priorities and interests, including the promotion of regional stability. The UK is also clear that the right to peaceful protest should be protected.

I appreciate your concern following the arrest of the former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan by the military, which the Supreme Court of Pakistan has now ruled as unlawful. I join Ministers in strongly condemning acts of political violence, and support the UK Government in its endeavour to protect basic human rights and an open civic society in Pakistan.

More broadly, the UK regularly raises concerns about reports of human rights abuses and violations in Pakistan at a senior level with the Pakistani Government. Where there are allegations of human rights violations, the UK expects these to be fully investigated in line with due process.

I can assure you that Ministers in London, and officials based in the UK High Commission in Islamabad and at the UN, will continue to monitor the situation in Pakistan and urge the Government of Pakistan to guarantee the rights of all, as laid down in their Constitution and in accordance with international standards.

Thank you again for taking the time to contact me.