Proportional Representation

I am afraid that I do not agree with PR, and fully support First Past the Post (FPTP). The British people were clear on this matter in the referendum of 2011, when the verdict was not only against the Alternative Vote system, but in favour of FPTP. The system is clearly understood by voters and provides a very clear link between constituents and their representatives in Parliament, something which I know people in Cheadle are greatly attached to. 
More often than not, FPTP results in a Government with a working majority in Parliament, making decisive government possible. It allows the formation of a clear opposition that can provide an alternative to, and a check on, the Government of the day. The Government therefore has no plans to change the voting system for elections to the House of Commons.

Indeed, I believe that many of the frustrations that people in Cheadle identify with the present House of Commons, namely the difficulty the of the Government to pass legalisation given its lack of a majority and what some regard as the disproportionate influence of the DUP, are the exception under FPTP but would become the norm with PR. 

I know that the principle of votes counting equally is a key consideration in any electoral system. This is exactly what is happening through the Boundary Review, which will equalise the size of constituencies. As it stands, some constituencies have twice as many electors as others and this cannot be right.