Rudy Giulani's honorary knighthood

I was appalled by the disgraceful scenes at the United States Capitol earlier in January, when a violent mob rioted in a building that, for many people around the world, serves as a beacon of democracy. I am pleased that the rule of law has prevailed, and Joe Biden has now been inaugurated as President of the United States.


The relevant authorities in the United States are, I understand, pursuing and prosecuting those who rioted at the Capitol. Those who whipped up the mob by baselessly undermining the result of a free and fair election should reflect on their actions, and I have no doubt that the authorities will take action against them if they believe their rhetoric amounts to criminal activity.


Honours can be removed on the advice of the Forfeiture Committee, and with the approval of the Queen, although in most recent cases this has only been done after the recipient of an honour has been convicted of a serious offence. The Forfeiture Committee does not comment on whether someone is being considered for forfeiture.